Monday, November 21, 2011

It has been a while!

Time is flying by!  I am 30 weeks pregnant on Wednesday.  It is amazing how quickly this pregnancy is going by.  I supposed working full-time and having a two year old keeps me occupied.  Robby was great and painted the nursery this past weekend.  The room used to be bright orange and yellow (I forgot to take pictures) and it is now a calm cream on three walls with one dark brown wall.  We are going to be moving the crib and glider in this weekend after we get back from visiting family over Thanksgiving.  The only big furniture item needed is a dresser that will also double as a changing table.  Once we have it put together I will take a few pictures and post them.

28 Weeks

I am so excited to have a break from school.  Robby is already in Cheyenne for District music clinic and Natalie and I are leaving tomorrow when I get done with school.  Our first stop has to be Target to get a new ladybug pillow for Natalie.  We are getting her big bed this weekend and we were looking on the internet for new bedding.  I showed Natalie several different sets and she picked the ladybug set that has a large ladybug pillow.  She has been asking for the last week to go to Cheyenne to get her ladybug pillow.  I hope that her excitement over the ladybug pillow will make the transition to the big bed go smoothly. 
Natalie helping rake leaves!

Last month we got to travel to Savannah for Renee's and Don's wedding.  Natalie got to fly for the first time and loved it.  She had been excited about flying for months and was great the entire trip.  The weather wasn't ideal while we were there.  The kids only got to play in the ocean on Thursday when we first arrived and a little bit Friday afternoon.  Even then it was really windy and the waves were huge so they didn't play for too long!  By Saturday the weather turned worse and the waves were tearing up the beach.  We went to explore River Street in downtown Savannah on Saturday and had a good time even though it was kind of rushed to get back to have quiet/nap time and start getting dinner ready!  Sunday was the wedding and the rain didn't care!  Renee and Don ended up having to move the wedding from the beach to the tent at the Light House on Tybee Island so the ceremony and reception were in one place.  Despite the rain it was a beautiful wedding and I have a new brother-in-law.  I was so proud of Natalie being such a good girl and "going with the flow" of the weekend.  She even adjusted pretty well once we got back home.  I didn't do as well....the rest of the week at school was exhausting and I didn't really catch up on rest until the weekend!  I did a horrible job of taking pictures the whole trip.  I really need to work on it but I think I have some family members who took some pictures during the trip I just need to ask!  Here is a picture of Natalie on Thursday morning in DIA waiting for our flight!
She looks a little tired!!


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