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So I have decided to sell my hats and other crochet projects.  I love crocheting and making hats, scarves, and blankets.  My goal is to make enough hats to have a table at the Saratoga Craft Bazaar this coming November but I keep selling them and can't get an inventory built up.  It is a good thing though because several people are sporting my creations and that makes me happy!

I want to have a supply of hats that people can purchase quickly but I also want to do made to order items.  Because these items are made by hand it is hard to guarantee when they will be finished. IHats usually take a week while blankets will take longer depending on the size and complexity of the pattern. 

Prices vary depending on style of hat and size.  Following are examples of the hat type and price.  Blankets and scarves will be priced at time of order.

To place an order please email me at In the email please include colors and sizes.

Boy's hat: Newborn - 2 yrs: $7

Girls Beanie with Flower: Newborn - child: $10
                                         Teen - Adult: $15

Girls Brimmed hat: Newborn - child: $12
                             Teen - adult: $17


Christina said...

I love these hats!! They are super cute!

Reann said...

Thanks Christina!

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