Sunday, January 30, 2011

True Grit

[Note: I apparently can't change the title font, and it is truly wrong for "True Grit" to be written in that font. I apologize for my part in this travesty, and would like to point out that Reann picked that font, not me.]

The plan is for Lance and me (and possibly a variety of other people I don't know about; Lance is a social dude) to go see True Grit this afternoon. I am pumped. The last 3 movies I've wanted to see came and went from theatres and I missed them, so I'm grateful to Rawlins' movie theatre for hanging onto this one.

Much as we mock and belittle Rawlins, all of us Saratoga folk are secretly extremely grateful for their grocery store and movie theatre. Sadly, their Sanford's is lacking, but it's still a Sanford's and it still has the Crocodile Cristo, the sandwich I'd pick for my last meal. Ironically, I wouldn't want my Crocodile Cristo to come from the Rawlins Sanfords, but since Rawlins is where the prison is located, that's almost certainly where it would come from. I doubt they'd fly me a sandwich from the Spearfish Sanford's, which would, naturally, be my first choice.

The nearest Sanford's aside from Rawlins is in Cheyenne, which also has 2 stellar Chinese buffets, making for extreme difficulty in proper restaurant decision-making. I don't know why I'm writing about this; these are the things I'd talk to people about if I didn't know it would lead to an ever-increasing level of boredom and irritation in my hearers, causing certain ostricization and possible violent demise.

Back to True Grit. I loved the original True Grit when I was a kid, and in my opinion, the only way a movie that you loved as a kid can be made better is by the Cohen brothers. I think if the only movies a person ever watched were The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and Fargo in constant rotation, that person could be satisfied with his or her movie-watching experience. Thus, I have great faith that this version of True Grit is going to rock big time. The other thing that gives me hope is 3:10 to Yuma, which was a remake of a classic western and rocked big time. Soon we shall see. I'd like to thank the Rawlins movie theatre for giving me something to write about, and my wife for doing what I never would and starting a blog. Not only hot, but also smart. I am truly fortunate beyond all reason.


I promised pictures of the matching hats for mom and baby so here they are.  I found the brimmed hat with strap pattern here.  This mom asked for an added flower which I also found a while ago online but can't remember where!  I will hopefully see them at church and can give them the hats.  I hope they like them as much as I do.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

What will this be?

Well I decided to try out this blogging thing.  Not that I have much to share but we will see how it goes.  So much for getting to write much since Natalie is now crying from her crib.  Will try again later. 

Ok so I sent Natalie and Robby to the grocery store so maybe I will have a few minutes.  I hope to share family news and pictures as well as my latest crocheting projects.  I seem to be working on something all the time. 

I keep wanting to make hats and build an inventory for the Bazaar this fall but people keep buying them.  Oh well right?  At least I am selling some.  I keep finding new patterns too so I always want to try the new pattern and that usually ends up being something for Natalie because it isn't perfected.  She got a new hat just last week.  A gal at church liked it so much she wanted matching hats for her and her one year old daughter.  I just finished them today.  Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon because they are super cute.